Financial Advisory Council
St. Andrew Church
Murphysboro, IL 62966
May 23, 2018

The regular meeting of the Financial Advisory Council of St. Andrew Church was called to order by Chairman, Steve Schumacher at 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 in the meeting room at St. Andrew Parish House.
Members of the Council are: St. Andrew�Rockne Bleyer, Chris Crabtree, Kelly Crabtree, Trustee, Jeff Craig, Tammy Gartner, Financial Manager, Fr. Gary Gummersheimer, Cindy Holt, Mary Annette Lane, Trustee, Ms. Jenny Martin, Principal�St. Andrew School, Charles McCann, Chad Roberts, Dan Ryder, Steve Schumacher and Judy Wisniewski
St. Ann, Raddle�Dan Korando, Trustee, Dennis Korando, Trustee
St. Elizabeth, Ava�Herman Dammermann, Trustee, Connie Froemling, Trustee, Linda Kranawetter
Excused Absent�Judy Wisniewski
Welcome our new member, Judge Bill Schwartz. He will be the liaison between the financial council and the pastoral council.
The meeting was opened with prayer by Fr. Gary
Minutes: With no corrections or additions, Cindy Holt made a motion, seconded by Linda Kranawetter to approved the minutes. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Finance Reports:
St. Andrew Catholic Church Profit & Loss, July 2017 through April 2018: Comments�Tammy and Cindy are still working on the payroll part of the budget and condensing sub categories. Chancellor office inform Fr. Gary that the property and liability insurance will be lower for the coming year.
St. Andrew Catholic School Profit & Loss, July 2017 through April 2018: School with be short on making payroll for June and July, no income coming in June. The school fees are due in July and tuition starts in August. Chad Roberts asked about having the fees on a 11-month pay. Jenny said it stills need to be worked out. The first year would be tough because of how many pay outs are due for various sport activities at the first of the school year but after that it would be better. Fee payment at the beginning of the school year is tough on families, so by spreading it out over a 11-month period would help sell the tuition increase. Fee increase is $15.00. The Booster Club account has $4,784 as of 3/31/18. School Budget was passed to all members. There is a 2% increase in teacher�s salaries and 10.5% increase in medical insurance. The budget shows a $250.00 increase in tuition per family. Empower Illinois pays the full tuition rate. The budget states 15 students to benefit from the Empower Illinois. Right now, there are 13 students. There is a senate bill that could be voted on anytime that states no Empower Illinois awards unless public schools become fully funded. Empower awards are based on family income and first come first serve basis. The 13 families that have applied are for full tuition ($5,360). Also, every family that applies for a waiver for tuition has to show they have applied for the Empower Illinois Scholarship. Empower will be paying quarterly beginning in September. The school board has approved the budget, the finance council will table approval until the next meeting.

St. Ann Catholic Church (also St. Elizabeth) Reports:

No Comments

St. Andrew Catholic Church Unpaid Bills:

Kelly Crabtree made a motion, seconded by Cindy Holt to pay the St. Andrew Catholic Church bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Andrew Catholic School Unpaid Bills:

The Rite Group�supplies for the copier. Energy Bill-out of contract on May 31st, will not renew. Tammy suggested to talk to Bruce Wallace. He was able to drop the rectory bill by $200.00. He works through the City of Murphysboro. The school still owes $2,100 on the energy bill. Chad Roberts made a motion, seconded by Dennis Korando to pay the St. Andrew School unpaid bill. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Ann Catholic Church (also St. Elizabeth) Unpaid Bills:

A decision was made to place Kaleb Jarret (mowing) on the payroll. Papers to be signed by him have been sent. His check will be held until all papers have been signed. Correction on his bill-$650.00. Linda Kranawetter made a motion, seconded by Dan Korando to pay St. Ann Catholic Church unpaid bills. An amended motion was made by Dan Korando, seconded by Connie Froemling to add two additional bills-the final payment of $7,950 for the storm window installation and $500 for the refurbishing of the St. Ann statue. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Committee Reports


Church Steeple - Replacing the shingles on the steeple is scheduled to start Tuesday, May 29th. Innovative Construction & Roofing (Josh Kranawetter) will be doing the job. The bid was for $52,250.00. Projected cost is $60,000 due to repairs that may have to be done. Cornerstone Checking has $23,414 (3/31/18), Cornerstone Savings has $20,488 (3/31/18), Caring Fund has $13,649 (3/31/18) that can be used toward this project. This leaves $2,449.00 negative balance. When this project is completed, Cornerstone will be depleted. Cornerstone to loan the church $40,000 for the church roof but the church has not been able to repay the loan. Fr. Gary is planning to talk to the congregation this weekend about helping out with this latest project. Daily Masses will be at the church.
School - Preliminary plans have been done. Estimate for construction of gym $1.8 million. Changing old gym into 4 classrooms $500,000.
St. Ann�s Steeple - Will look into having Josh Kranawetter look at the steeple at St. Ann�s due to wall damage related to weather.
Old/New Business:
E-giving - Bill Schwartz and Jenny will be meeting to get this started. Information will be placed in the bulletin, website, announcements in church. The company will set it up that the giving can be done automatically. There is a fee but the more it is used the less the fee will be.
Other Business:
Chaplin Program - If someone comes to the Parish House for assistance, it is recommended that you send them to the Police Station. If it is a true need of assistance, the police will refer them to a Chaplin for help. If they are abusing the system, the police will inform you of this also.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:52pm with prayer by Fr. Gary.
Next Meeting: June 27, 2018 at 5:00pm at the Parish House Meeting Room.

Respectfully submitted by,
Christina Crabtree, Secretary