Financial Advisory Council

St. Andrew/St. Ann Churches

August 28, 2019

The regular meeting of the Financial Advisory Council of St. Andrew Church was called to order by Chairman, Steve Schumacher, at 5:00pm on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 in the meeting room at St. Andrew Parish House.

Members of the Council are: St. Andrew�Rockne Bleyer, Chris Crabtree, Kelly Crabtree-Trustee, Jeff Craig, Tammy Gartner-Financial Manager, Fr. Gary Gummersheimer, Cindy Holt, Mary Annette Lane-Trustee, Ms. Jenny Martin-Principal�St. Andrew School, Charles McCann, Steve Schumacher, Bill Schwartz and Judy Wisniewski St. Ann, Raddle�Dan Korando, Trustee, Dennis Korando, Trustee, Linda Kranawetter

Excused Absent: Kelly Crabtree

Guest: Mike Hickey

The meeting was opened with prayer by Fr, Gary.


Cindy Holt made a motion, seconded by Linda Kranawetter to accept the minutes. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Finance Reports

St. Andrew Catholic Church Profit and Loss Detail, July 2019: The payroll was incorrectly posted but was corrected later, the report shows both entries. The $3,552.42 is correct. Question - Minister Scheduler is a program in ParishSoft, once a year expense. St. Andrew Catholic School Budget vs. Actual: FY-2019-2020, FY20 P&L, June 2019-June 2020: Negative balance is partially due to Empowered Illinois first payment comes at the end September. The Smart Tuition Program has been replaced by a program that the fee is paid directly to the new program. 19 students are receiving a full scholarship and 1 student a partial. This is decided by Empowered Illinois. Current enrollment: Pre-K has 27 students enrolled (2 students will be starting at Christmas), K-8th has 106 (loss of 15 students). This is a $53,000 deficit. At this time Ms. Martin does not have a plan concerning the deficit. She presented this to the School Board at their meeting last week and stated since she is also teaching full time, she does not have the time and the School Board will need to address the deficit. Cindy Holt mention she has heard the parents and students are very happy with Ms. Martin teaching Math and Science, they feel their children are actually learning the subjects.

St. Andrew Catholic Church  Unpaid Bills: Cindy Holt made a motion, seconded by Bill Schwartz to pay the St. Andrew Catholic Church bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Ann Catholic Church Unpaid Bills: Dennis Korando presented a bill for three replacements windows for the parish hall. The Annex Fund needs to be reimbursed for $608.18 for the windows. The St. Andrew School, Parish Subsidy bill will be omitted from the list until the school gets a count of how many students are from St. Ann Parish. The corrected total for unpaid bills is $3,317.90. Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Linda Kranawetter/Dan Korando to pay St. Ann Catholic Church bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Andrew Catholic School Unpaid Bills: Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Dennis Korando to pay St Andrew Catholic School bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Any � None. 2019-2020

St. Andrew Catholic Church Budget  The budget has been corrected since the last meeting. Question - #5110-Monthly Household Reimbursements: Fr. Gary is now being reimburse from receipts turned in and mileage instead of a flat amount. This was requested by the Diocese starting the fiscal year. Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Cindy Holt to approved the 2019-2020 St. Andrew Catholic Church Budget. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Ann Church School Subsidy  Linda Kranawetter made a motion, seconded by Bill Schwartz to pay the subsidy amount before the next meeting. Ms. Martin will let Tammy Gartner know the amount to be paid by St. Ann�s. She will contact the Trustees for approval of the amount to be paid. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.


Nothing to report

Committee Reports

On Line Giving  ParishSoft and the program that Cindy Thompson uses works together. Hope to have the program ready by the first of October.

New Business

Request Funds for an oven for St. Andrew School Kitchen: Mr. Mike Hickey, who has volunteered to run the kitchen until two workers have received the proper credentials from the State Health Department. The ovens at the school no longer work or cook uneven. Mr. Hickey is requesting funds for a convection oven. A convection oven cooks items in half the time and will enable the cooking staff to prepare food that the children will like. He did get the grill to work. The cost would be $2,795.00. A school family has already donated $1,000 towards the cost, leaving $1,795.00. The oven is a refurbished oven with a warranty. The old range will be removed, the new one place will fit under the exhaust hood. The same power source can be used for the new oven. Steve Schumacher suggest Fr. Gary mentions this at church and see if anyone is willing to help out and also place something in the bulletin. Dennis and Dan Korando (Trustees) approved a $500 donation from St. Ann Catholic Church. The rest of the balance will be taken out of the lunch fund. The Knights of Columbus will help in dismantling the old range and setting up the new oven.

Cornerstone: Cindy Holt passed out a report on the last seven years of the Cornerstone Committee.

Old Business

Letter to parents of unpaid tuition: No one from the School Board has written the letter, Bill Schwartz volunteered to write the letter in regard to unpaid tuition. The finance board agreed to have Bill Schwartz to write the letter.

Other Business

Diocesan Taxes Have not heard from the Diocese since the last report was sent.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned with prayer at 5:47pm.

Next Meeting  September 25 at 5:00pm at the Parish House Meeting Room.

Respectfully submitted by, Christina Crabtree, Secretary