Financial Advisory Council

St. Andrew and St. Ann Churches

Murphysboro, IL 62966

June 26, 2019

The regular meeting of the Financial Advisory Council of St. Andrew and St. Ann Churches was called to order by Kelly Crabtree, at 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 in the meeting room at St. Andrew Parish House.

Members of the Council are: St. Andrew�Rockne Bleyer, Chris Crabtree, Kelly Crabtree-Trustee, Jeff Craig, Tammy Gartner-Financial Manager, Fr. Gary Gummersheimer, Cindy Holt, Mary Annette Lane-Trustee,

Ms. Jenny Martin-Principal�St. Andrew School, Charles McCann, Steve Schumacher, Bill Schwartz and

Judy Wisniewski

St. Ann, Raddle�Dan Korando, Trustee, Dennis Korando, Trustee, Linda Kranawetter

Excused Absent: Jeff Craig, Fr. Gary, Cindy Holt, Mary Annette Lane, Steve Schumacher

The meeting was opened with prayer.

Minutes: With no correction or additions, stand approved as sent.


St. Ann Catholic Church:

Dennis Korando reported that the church steeple has been repaired and painted. Cost of paint, materials for repairs, renting of a 50ft and 80ft lifts, gas money for picking up the lifts and returning and the down payment for the new awning was $2,823.76. The final payment for the awing will be made upon delivering which will be $1,000. All work mentioned has been previously approved, so no motion was needed to pay back the Annex Fund for these expenses.

Tammy brought up the mowing bill is actually the mower payment and with figuring the bill has a salary with deductions taken out. They are being paid less than the payment. St. Ann�s Trustees agree to change the mowing bill so when deductions are taken out it covers the mower payment.

Dan Korando read a letter that is needed to take St. Elizabeth�s name off of the checking account. The letter had to be signed by Tammy Gartner-Financial Manager, Christina Crabtree-Recording Secretary and Kelly Crabtree-Trustee. Also, they are working on getting the right tax-exempt number on the account.

St. Andrew Church:

Sidewalk in front of church - hoping to start on July 15th and be done by the weekend Masses. Daily Mass will be moved to the hospital. Bill Burke sent an estimate on the electric mats to be put in the concrete for melting ice and snow in the winter-$16,000. This includes the Annex approach. Kelly talked with Randy Grob from SI Piping about using hydraulic tubing in heating the sidewalks. Tubing cost-$358.00, a heat exchange and pump would have to bought with the total cost being less than the electric mats. The church has two boilers and this would be sufficient for heating the sidewalks. The water would be treated with glycol in order to keep it from freezing. The sidewalk being replaced is from handrail to handrail and includes the sidewalk going into the Annex. The sidewalk into the Annex is being paid by Fager-McGee. The cost of the church sidewalk concrete is $9,000. The Edwards-Jones Account - $7,900 and the donation towards the steeple of $5,000 will be used to pay this expense.

House on the Corner - will be coming down soon.

Parish House Chimney - Bob Nadolski periodically checks the gutters at the school and parish house. He stated that the chimney on the parish house is deteriorating and either needs to be repaired or taken down. The only thing that vents into the chimney is the water heater. It would be cheaper to buy a new water heater that can be vented to the outside and remove the chimney. The cost of the new water heater would be around $1100 with a 95% efficiency rating.

Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Charles McCann that St. Andrew Church, St. Andrew School and St. Ann�s Church unpaid bills be paid. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Old Business/New Business

Church Budget:

Copies of the budget have only been sent to the Trustees at this time. Tammy will send the proposed budget

to all members before the next meeting to look over and if you have any questions before the meeting, contact


School Budget: Bill Schwartz, Kelly Crabtree, Mary Annette Lane and Steve Schumacher met with school

board members to work out the budget. At this time, salaries will increase $250.00 and with 31 preschoolers

registered the budget is in the black. The subject of unpaid tuition was brought up. A letter will be sent to these individuals from the school board. If they do not make an effort to pay after this, a meeting will be set up with Fr. Gary and Trustees concerning the unpaid tuition. At this time, Jenny has not received the letter that the school board will send. As soon as she does, she will forward it to the Trustees. They school year ended with a budget deficit of $9,000. The lunch fund was billed for 20% of the electric bill and 50% of the water bill. Approximately $4,000 was taken out of the lunch fund. As long as the lunch fund makes a profit, the amounts for water and electric will be assessed to that account. The school has maxed the matching grant for Empowered Illinois ($63,000)

Other Business


With no further business, Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Dan Korando to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:26 p.m.

Next Meeting: July 24, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the Parish House Meeting Room.

Respectfully submitted by,

Christina Crabtree, Secretary