Financial Advisory Council

St. Andrew / St. Ann Church

Murphysboro / Jacob, IL

October 23, 2019

The regular meeting of the Financial Advisory Council of St. Andrew Church was called to order by Trustee, Kelly Crabtree, at 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 in the meeting room at St. Andrew Parish House.

Members of the Council are: St. Andrew�Rockne Bleyer, Chris Crabtree, Kelly Crabtree-Trustee, Tammy Gartner-Financial Manager, Fr. Gary Gummersheimer, Cindy Holt, Mary Annette Lane-Trustee, Ms. Jenny Martin-Principal�St. Andrew School, Charles McCann, Steve Schumacher, Bill Schwartz and Judy Wisniewski St. Ann, Raddle�Dan Korando, Trustee, Dennis Korando, Trustee, Linda Kranawetter

Excused Absent: Dan Korando, Ms. Jenny Martin, Steve Schumacher New Member�Dan Lecocq-School Board Representative

The meeting was opened with prayer by Fr, Gary.

Minutes: Charles McCann made a motion, seconded by Bill Schwartz to accept the minutes. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Finance Reports

St. Andrew Catholic Church Budget vs. Actual: FY-2019-2020-FY20 P&L (July-September): Giving on line is up and running and is working. Next comes the announcements and bulletin articles concerning the process. Tammy has offered her help to anyone who needs to set up the program.

The youth pasta dinner fundraiser check of $3,000 from the Knights of Columbus was received in October. It will be on next month�s reports.

St. Ann Catholic Church Report: In the report on Outflows, it is listed St. Ann $112.20, this is the water bill. Dennis reported that they had a water leak in the parish hall but has been fixed. The report also included their investment report from Polar Investments.

St. Andrew Catholic School Budget vs. Actual: FY-2019-2020, FY20 P&L (July-September,2019): #4210 Textbook Fee K-8: The actual amount seems high verses the budgeted amount. Tammy and Cindy will look into it. #4218.02

Mega Raffle: No budgeted amount listed. The budgeted amount should be $35,000.

St. Andrew Catholic Church Unpaid Bills: The Passionist Nuns bill for hosts was removed from the unpaid bill list, so the total for unpaid bills is $1,607.69. Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Rockne Bleyer to pay St. Andrew Catholic Church bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Ann Catholic Church Unpaid Bills:

Additional Bills: 1) Monitor for the walk-in cooler annual fee--$99.00, paid to Dan Korando;

2) Replaced light fixtures, replace toilet in the hall, batteries--$403.65, paid to the Annex Fund.

Linda Kranawetter made a motion, seconded by Bill Schwartz to pay St. Ann Catholic Church bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Andrew Catholic School Unpaid Bills: Dan Lecocq made a motion, seconded by Bill Schwartz to pay St Andrew Catholic School bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.


Heated sidewalks: rest of the items needed to finish the project have been purchased.

Heaters in the Annex bathrooms: The thermostat for the heater needs a sign stating to leave it alone. It is not an a/c thermostat. Kelly said he will just turn off the circuit breaker to them during the summer.

Committee Reports

St. Andrew Cemetery Board: Judy Wisniewski reported the monthly collection is around $700.00, used to be $1,000. The board has decided to raise the fees for opening a grave and the purchasing of spaces. As of January 1, 2020, the fees for a parishioner will be: $200 for opening and $300 for purchasing a space. For Non-parishioners the fees will be: $400 for opening and $600 for purchasing a space. The fees for parishioner was raised $50.00 and non-parishioner was raised $100. A parishioner is anyone from St. Andrew, St. Ann, and St. Francis. This information will be placed in the bulletin twice in December and the first week in January.

Loan payments are being made and the money is being reinvested.

School Board: Dan Lecocq reported the new school board has met. Everyone is ready to get started and work towards the betterment of the school. Fr. Gary listed the new school board members. Question: concerning the letters to parents of unpaid balance owed to the school. The school board did not really talk about the letters. There needs to be a follow up after 30 days, if no payment has been made to come in and talked with Fr. Gary or the Trustees to make a plan on paying the outstanding debt. Three letters did get returned. As of this date, $1500 has been received by one family on payment of outstanding debt. The trustees will keep trying to work with the 8 families. Kelly has asked the school secretary to give a report every 30 days on who is behind and this should then be the responsibility of the school board. No report has been received. The objective is to not let a year go by before pursing the unpaid bills. Dan will talk with the school secretary. The Finance Committee did state that maybe it should be mandatory for families to go with the automatic withdrawal program and not rely on the parents writing checks for the tuition.

Old/New Business

Purcell Family: Kelly received a called from Wilma Purcell�s daughter concerning an earlier monetary gift of $300.00 to the church after her mom�s death. The money was not to be put in the general account but to purchase a bench for Mary�s House with a plaque in memory of her mother. It was decided the bench was not needed at this time; nothing was done. Her brother has since passed away and she wants to give more money but not to be used for general expenses. Discussion followed: It was decided to apply the donation to the expense of the new amplification system with a plaque placed in the back area recognizing the donation in honor of Wilma Purcell. Kelly will call her back with the details.

New Trustee for St. Ann: Fr. Gary would like to appoint Linda Kranawetter to the trustee position. Linda has accepted and a letter will be sent tomorrow to the Bishop.

Notre Dame Student: Fr. Gary received a letter from Notre Dame High School in Cape Girardeau, MO concerning the church subsidy. The subsidy is $765 per student and they have listed six students. Fr. Gary feels we owe for four, the Baird Family has moved to Cape Girardeau. The four are Compardo, Langenstein, Ripperda and Robinson. Last year, the amount was taken out of the Caring Fund Investment Account.

St. Ann: Dennis reported that the Duck Bouya profit was $1,178 and Sandra�s Comfort was $1,319.98. They received credits from Koerner Distributing of $74.65 and Venegoni Distributing of $573.35.

In-Church Visitation: The visitation in church before a funeral is becoming more popular in the last couple of years. The concern is the expense of utilities and clean up afterwards. Approximate cost of utilities is $50. Other concerns are the easels, screens showing a loop of pictures and flowers on the altar, this all has to be removed before the service. It was decided to have this brought up to the Pastoral Council and if they feel a fee should be imposed, the finance council will decide on the amount and what it will be called.

Damages Incurred From Innovative Construction & Roofing: A letter was sent back in August stated the cost of damages of $2,764.00 to Innovative Construction & Roofing. No response except the company stated they felt the bill was too high. Kelly has asked Rockne Bleyer to write another letter asking again for the payment of damages incurred.

Other Business

St. Ann Catholic Church Annex Checking Account: With the resignation of Trustee Dan Korando, a decision was made to remove Dan Korando from the St. Ann Catholic Church Annex Checking Account and add Linda Kranawetter as the new Trustee for St. Ann Catholic Church and Mike Hickey to the account. St. Ann Catholic Church Checking Account:

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned with prayer at 6:07pm.

Next Meeting: Undecided due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. A notice will be sent upon a decision on the date. Respectfully submitted by, Christina Crabtree, Secretary Approved