Financial Advisory Council
September 26, 2018

The regular meeting of the Financial Advisory Council of St. Andrew Church was called to order by Chairman Steve Schumacher at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 in the meeting room at St. Andrew Parish House.

Members of the Council are:
St. Andrew�Rockne Bleyer - present
                            Chris Crabtree - present
                            Kelly Crabtree, Trustee -present
                            Jeff Craig - present
                            Tammy Gartner, Financial Manager -present
                            Fr. Gary Gummersheimer -present
                            Cindy Holt - present
                            Mary Annette Lane, Trustee - excused
                            Jenny Martin, Principal�St. Andrew School - present
                            Charles McCann - absent
                            Dan Ryder -absent
                            Steve Schumacher -present
                            Bill Schwartz - present
                            Judy Wisniewski - present
St. Ann�        Dan Korando, Trustee - present
                            Dennis Korando, Trustee - present
St. Elizabeth�Herman Dammermann, Trustee - absent
                               Connie Froemling, Trustee - absent
                               Linda Kranawetter - present

St. Andrew School Board Report:
At the time of the last budget meeting, the budget was showing a $27,432.52 loss. Ms. Martin indicated that the deficit will be $10,000 less due to an elimination of an aide salary, recalculation of the Empower Illinois and another new student, with a possibility of two more students at the beginning of the year. Empower Illinois pays the full tuition of students as well as siblings. The approval of the budget will be tabled until the next meeting with the revisions. Jeff Craig reported the school board is looking at the tuition level to raise the base rate, raising the Assessment Fee but parents can lessen the amount by working at the various fund raisers and improving marketing. Meet the Team Night will be October 10th with a Chili Competition and Trunk and Treat will be October 31st.

School Maintenance:
1) Water in the boiler room�due to drains for the air conditioning not draining. Attempts have been made to unplug the drains with no results. Will need to budget next year the digging up the floor and replacing of drain pipes.
2) Fire Alarm pull station at front door does not work, a call has been made to the alarm system company.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Fr. Gary

With no corrections or additions, Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Jeff Craig to approved the minutes. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Finance Reports:
St. Andrew Catholic Church Profit & Loss Budget vs Actual, July through August 2018:
Question: Bulletin reports on Contributions�on the average one week out of four (1st week of the month) will show a surplus the rest will show a deficit. There also quarterly reports published. These calculations are done by Cindy Thompson.
#5103 Advertising - the purchasing of 150th Anniversary t-shirts, banner and signs were paid out of the General Fund. This amount should have been taken out of the Caring Fund since the income of sales went into the Caring Fund. The General Fund will be reimbursed.
#5136 Contracted Services-mow, snow - there is an extra lot to mow but this still seems high. Kelly will check into it.
#5130 Insurance - one-time payment.
#5041 and #5050.1 - both amounts are higher than budgeted. Linda Kranawetter suggested since Tammy is getting the reports to us several days in advance of our meeting, that if you have questions to contact her and she can have an answer for the board at the time of the meeting. Tammy agreed.

St. Ann Catholic Church (also St. Elizabeth) Reports:
Amount paid to Baldwin is for a new organ (keyboard).
Fr. Larry Lamay informed Fr. Gary that St. Joseph at Willisville paid � of the bills of St. Elizabeth when Fr. Hayes was pastor of St. Ann, St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph. Linda state that this is true. Since all properties have been sold, Fr. Gary suggested the trustees from the parishes meet and discuss final payment of money to St. Joseph. All expenses from St. Elizabeth that have been paid by St. Ann since the change of partnership will also have to be taken into consideration before a final payment can be made. Questions about the investments were also brought up as well as several members heard that the bishop has intentions to close St. Joseph before he retires. If this happens many feel several St. Joseph parishioners will come to St. Ann. Linda Kranawetter asked how have other parishes handle a situation like this when parishes have been suppressed within their partnership. Fr. Gary said he would look into that. Bill Schwartz stated the Trustees of each parish should make the decision on the final payment.

St. Andrew Catholic Church Unpaid Bills:
Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Dennis Korando to pay the St. Andrew Catholic Church unpaid bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.
Fr. Gary presented two bills that have been received but not yet paid. 1) Bill from Notre Dame High School for four students from our parish that attend the high school at $765 per student ($3,060). 2) Bill from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School for 80% assessment of tuition paid ($2,973.58). The Diocesan regulations state that if a parish has a school the
subsidy paid to the school by the parish is 60%. If a parish does not have a school, the subsidy is 80% that is
paid to the school the student is attending. Discussion followed. Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by
Judy Wisniewski to not pay the bill to Our Lady of Mt Carmel since our parish provides a Catholic school for
our parishioners and we would be paying the 60% if that child attended our school. A voice vote was recorded
as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None. A motion was made by Bill Schwartz, seconded by Cindy Holt to pay
$1500 to Notre Dame High School towards our parish assessment. The money will be taken out of the Caring
Fund Polar Investment Fund, transferred to the Caring Fund checking account. A check from the Caring Fund
checking account will be written to the General Fund for $1500 and a check for $1500 from the General Fund
will be sent Notre Dame, leaving a balance of $1560 owed. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All,
Nay � None.

St. Ann Catholic Church (also St. Elizabeth) Unpaid Bills:
Dennis Korando presented information about the next project for St. Ann. They have a bid for storm windows for the lower front and two side windows of the church. At the same time while the scaffolding is up they will take down the awning and repairs are to be done and possibly replacing of the awning. The cost of the storm windows is $9,077 with a down payment of $4,538 due at starting date to Precision Stain Glass. Hope to start in October after the Duck Booya. Dennis Korando made a motion, seconded by Dan Korando to go ahead with the project. A voice vote was recorded as
followed: Aye � All, Nay � None. Dennis Korando made a motion, seconded by Bill Schwartz to pay the St. Ann�s unpaid bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

St. Andrew Catholic School Profit & Loss Budget vs Actual, July through August 2018:
Report is showing a $2,243.98 net income due to tuition and Empower Illinois payments.
#4011 Empower Illinois�shows no income. Tammy stated money from Empower is entered under tuition and fees.
St. Andrew Catholic School Unpaid Bills: Gospel Weeklies�annual payment. Discussion followed if there is
something in place that before large expenditures happen at the school the expenditure can be look at to see if it
is needed. Several members of the Finance Council who are on the School Budget Committee stated that it has
been brought to the attention of the School Board that before an a commitment is made for any large expenditure the expenditure must be approved by the Finance Council. The Committee also asked for a report to the Finance Committee every month from the School Board as to what their plans are to reduce the debt and increase income. It was pointed out that just because something is budgeted does not mean it should be  spent. The school still has to come up with $17,000 to balance the budget.
Kelly Crabtree made a motion, seconded by Judy Wisniewski to pay the St. Andrew Catholic School unpaid bills. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All, Nay � None.

Committee Reports:
Church Steeple: Michael Gibbons, Chief Financial Officer, Diocese of Belleville, sent an email stating he could
not approve the resolution to fix the steeple due to the lack of Diocesan Tax and Clergy Aid payments. Kelly
talked with Mr. Gibbons and stated that if the steeple does not get fixed in a years� time the expense to fix the steeple will turn into a larger expense than the present $92,000 because of the deteriorating condition of the roof of the steeple. In order to process the resolution, he is asking for reports, payments and a payment plan. Kelly has talked with Cindy Holt and by the end of October reports should be done. The church has paid Clergy Aid in full. A check for $15,000 has been written to go towards the taxes--$8,000 from the Cash Account and $7,000 from the General Fund. Mr. Gibbons will process the resolution. We have signed contracts for replacing of the shingles-$51,735 and a
signed contract for scaffolding-$32,000. At this time, we have a problem with wasp swarming the workers.
The have stopped work. Kelly has Liberty Crain Service coming on Thursday to reach the area and spray the
wasps. The contract for the scaffolding states that if they go over 28 days there will be an added cost. Kelly
questioned if they choose not to work and the weather is not a factor and they go over 28 days, the church will
not pay the added cost. Innovative agreed to pay the fee. The 28-day period starts upon completion of the
scaffolding setup. If any copper flashing has to be replaced, Kelly has a cost of $8.00 per lineal foot from
Quality Sheet Metal (Innovative cost was $25.00). Hopefully this will be the last big expense for a while and
we can start to build back our surplus.

New Business:
Audit: Bill Schwartz suggested having an audit performed by someone who is not connected to the Finance Council.
He stated he had talked to Cindy Holt previously to this meeting and she is ok with it. Tammy also agreed that
an audit is a good idea. Discussion on the cost. Bill Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Linda Kranawetter
to get an estimate cost of an audit going back three years. A voice vote was recorded as followed: Aye � All,
Nay � None. Kelly said he would talked to Heath Koberstein at Koberstein Clarke Ltd.
40th Jubilee: Fr. Gary will be celebrating his 40th anniversary to priesthood on June 2, 2019.

Old Business:

Other Business:
There will be a Sunday Celebration in the Absent of a Priest this Saturday conducted by Bill Schwartz. Mass
on Sunday will be as normal. Also starting on the first weekend in October, attendance counts will be taken at
all Masses for the month.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned 6:15pm with prayer.
Next Meeting: October 24, 2018 at 5:00pm at the Parish House Meeting Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Crabtree, Secretary