Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on July 20, 2017

for the St. Andrew / St. Ann Parish


Present: Father Gary, Deacon Don, Cindy Canning serving as Chair, Bill Schwartz serving as Secretary, Angelo Fiorino, Jessica Fritsche, Linda Kranawetter, Ryan Povolish, Mark Williams


Absent: Audrey Arnold, Leslie Crabtree, Theresa Bastien, Linda Bunselmeyer, Jennifer Craig, Kevin Junk, Rebecca Korando, Frank Riley, Linda Porter-Smith


Opening prayer was lead by Cindy Canning.


Bill Schwartz moved to approve the minutes which was seconded by Deacon Don


Committee Reports:

Spiritual Evolvement - Leslie Crabtree submitted a written report on Faith Formation. St Andrew K-8 PSR

(including 1st Communion prep) 9th grade Confirmation and our High School Faith Formation (formerly Teens in Spirit) will have an open registration August 20, 2017 at Mary's House of Grace at Noon. Registration fees are as follows: K-8 PSR (including 1st Communion prep) $25, Confirmation $35, High School Faith Formation-TBD.


Leslie will be working with Cathy Pyatt, the St. Bruno youth minister, to build our youth faith formation group.


Vacation Bible School has 39 registered with more attending. Final numbers will be provided at the next meeting.


Deacon Don reported on Bible Study course which has entered the second segment of three which divides the 24 sessions of the course. Seventeen people are registered including several younger members of the parish. Due to various commitments the number attending each session varies.


Jessica Fritsche reported on the Book Club which has just finished its first book. The group had an excellent exchange with one another that resulted in Father Gary attending the final session to answer question and join in a general discussion. The next book will soon be chosen and the group will meet again after Labor Day with the goal of finishing the next book by Thanksgiving.


Cindy Canning brought up a baptismal program that is being offered by Ascension Press. Apparently, this is a new program that has either just been offered or is soon to be rolled out.


Hospitality - Bill Schwartz reported the Welcome Committee has had its first meeting. Recent additions to the

parish have been identified and assignments have been made for contacting those individuals. The Committee is discussing a welcome packet and what should be included. The next meeting is set for Monday, July 24.


Communication - Linda Kranawetter reported that she met with Bill Schwartz and Cindy Thompson concerning

the Bulletin. Two changes were discussed. Rather than simply naming Mass intentions under the calendar listing it would also include each of the activities for that date. A person could then look at a date and see everything that is going on in the parish for that date. The other change is to list all of the ministries and groups with a contact name for each. Hopefully, all of the ministries would report information to Cindy on a regular basis so that it can be included in the Bulletin. The problem is that information must be received by noon the Monday before the Bulletin is distributed.


Bill Schwartz reported that use of the website has shown a small increase from month to month with more than 700 hits on the site each month.


Physical Facilities - Ryan Povolish reported that work is being done on a bid for the steeple. Three components are

involved in the bid: lifetime guarantee or something less for the shingles; labor cost; and cost of equipment.


A general discussion was initiated by Angelo Fiorino concerning handicap access to St. Andrew church. Although access through the West door is currently disrupted it will be opened by August 15 even though construction will not be completed by that date. When completed the West door will be covered and there will be two bathrooms in the area between the church and the school.


Angelo Fiorino reported that the Cemetery Committee has had problems with regard to the placement of flags at the cemetery. There are specific rules formulated by the parish and the diocese concerning the placement of flags in the cemetery. Individuals are placing flags but are not picking them up in the time period specified by the rules.


The Cemetery Committee has also decided to replace the three flags by the pole every 6 months to keep them fresh and not to become as shabby as they have become in the past. Should anyone want to have one of the used flags they should contact Angelo Fiorino.


Angelo Fiorino also reported that the committee is working with the city in determining the property line for the cemetery. A portion of the cemetery is in the city and a portion is in the county. The adjacent cemetery is wholly owned by the city and it is in the county. The city would like to annex all of the property and determining the property line is necessary to accomplish the annexation. The property line will be clearly marked after a survey.


Community Life - Linda Kranawetter reported that the movies will begin again in September with the movie

�The Shack.� Date is yet to be decided so as not to conflict with the Apple Festival or the Barbeque Cookoff.


Bill Schwartz reported that a Celebration Committee is being formed for the purpose of organizing the 150 year celebration of the first Mass in Murphysboro. More on this at the next meeting.


Old Business:  Linda Kranawetter encouraged the Council to consider using and subscribing to formed.org

formed.org is an app that contains hundreds of Catholic video programs, movies, audio programs and e-books. The cost is $1750.00 per year for the parish. It was decided to delay consideration.


New Business: There was no new business discussed.


For the good of the parish:  There was a discussion of the last Mass at St. Elizabeth and what was to

become of the property. Father Gary read a proclamation from the Bishop suppressing the parish of St. Elizabeth after the final Mass.


We are waiting on a response from Rich Curran concerning scheduling a retreat for our parish.


The revitalization program sponsored by the diocese is moving slowly at the moment.


The next meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.


Bill Schwartz moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:27 p.m. which was seconded by Angelo Fiorino.



Respectfully submitted by Bill Schwartz