Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on April 25, 2019

for St. Andrew/St. Ann Parishes


Present:  Fr. Gary, Rebecca Korando, Linda Bunselmeyer, Jordan Landewee, Linda Kranawetter, Mark Williams, Bill Schwartz, Garrett Cook, Linda Porter Smith, Nichole Smelter, Audrey Arnold, Theresa Madel, Deacon Don, and Jennifer Craig.

Absent: Kevin Junk, Jessica Fritsche

Excused: Cindy Canning, Tina Lustig, Frank Riley, and Rob Kippenbrock

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm.

Opening prayer was led by Rebecca Korando.

The meeting was led by Rebecca Korando in the absence of Cindy Canning.

New members were welcomed.

Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Bill Schwartz to approve the minutes from the last meeting, and Linda Kranawetter seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Committee Reports

Spiritual Evolvement:

Find Your Greatness Event: Rebecca reported that the event was awesome! There were many positive comments. There were 175 attendees.

The Tuesday Women�s Book Club is beginning the Study of Revelation.

A new Women�s Cursillo group has started on Wednesday afternoons.

The RCIA group from St. Ann�s will continue meeting as a small group.

Hospitality/Community Life

Deacon Don reported that the idea of Block Captains, or Pew Angels, was advertised in the bulletin but there has been no interest so far.

Linda Porter-Smith reported that there are several new families and the Welcoming Committee is reaching out to them.

There are several new altar servers at St. Andrew and St. Ann.

Bill reported that a Security Committee is being developed. He has reached out to First Responders who will also be involved in the committee.

Parish Health Ministry is being coordinated by Sandy Schwartz. An AED has been installed in the Annex at St. Andrew.



Theresa Madel requested that all information for Masses and services for St. Andrew and St. Ann be listed in the bulletin for a couple of weeks prior to the event. A monthly calendar of events was suggested. A calendar is posted on the website, and may be printed for availability at church.

Physical Facilities:

Bill reported that the KC�s are working on repairing the steps going down from the Hall to the Food Stand.

Old Business

Ministry Recruitment Fair:

Linda Porter-Smith reported on the upcoming Ministry Fair on May 5th during the KC Fried Chicken Dinner from 12-1. Set-up can take place on Saturday, May 4th from 8-11:30. There will be an announcement at masses this weekend and next weekend.

Pastoral Council Elections for St. Andrew:

Parish Council Elections were held at St. Andrew and members elected for a 3 year term include Rob Kippenbrock, Jordan Landewee, Tina Lustig, Frank Riley, and Nichole Smelter. Bill was appointed as the Pastor's Designee and Rebecca was appointed as Music Coordinator.

Nominations and election of new officers was held.

For President, Cindy Canning was nominated by Linda Kranawetter, seconded by Audrey Arnold. There were no other nominations. All were in favor.

For Vice President, Linda Porter-Smith was nominated by Deacon Don, and Bill Schwartz seconded the nomination. There were no other nominations. All were in favor.

For Secretary, Linda Bunselmeyer was nominated by Bill Schwartz, and Jennifer Craig seconded the motion. There were no other nominees. All were in favor.

Stations of the Cross:

Bill reported that approximately 30 people attended each week, and positive comments were reported.

Visiting Priests:

Bill reported that he and Rebecca developed a protocol for visiting priests. Hosts are needed to meet the priests and drivers are needed for transport to St. Ann.. Please contact Bill or Rebecca if you are interested.

New Business

Deacon Don discussed having a small group this summer to discuss encyclicals concerning church morals and ethics. It may be titled, �Where Does the Church Stand on Human Life and Dignity?� Writings by Pope John Paul II would be discussed, on topics such as Evangelium, The Joy of Life, Euthanasia, Humane Vitae. Deacon Don will advertise in the bulletin and see if there is interest.


Linda Bunselmeyer made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Linda Porter Smith seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Closing prayer was led by Deacon Don.

The meeting ended at 6:54 p.m.

The next parish council meeting is re-scheduled for May 23rd, at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer