Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on August 15, 2019

for St. Andrew/St. Ann Parishes

Present: Fr. Gary, Deacon Don, Cindy Canning, Theresa Madel, Rob Kippenbrock, Nichole Smelter, Audrey Arnold, Mark Williams, Linda Kranawetter, Bill Schwartz, Jordan Landawee, Garrett Cook, Rebecca Korando and Jennifer Craig

Absent: Kevin Junk, Linda Porter Smith, Frank Riley and Linda Bunselmeyer

Meeting opened at 6:02 pm.

Opening prayer was led by Cindy Canning

Minutes from the July 18, 2019 meeting were reviewed. Mark Williams made a motion to approve the minutes and Linda Kranawetter seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Committee Reports

Spiritual Evolvement:

Deacon Don reported that an eight week study session entitled Theology of the Body began on Mondy with five in attendance. The group will meet on Mondays at 6:00 p.m.

Linda Kranawetter reported that the small group meeting after Mass at St. Ann�s on Sundays has decided that it will keep going.

Linda Kranawetter reported that a program called Real Life Catholic is being broadcast on television. In the program Chris Stefanick dives into the everyday life of everyday Catholics, who are working, serving, building, and exploring the world with their faith at their side. She will report on it at next month�s meeting.

The Council discussed the �99 Program� whose subject is evangelization.

Fr. Gary present the �Little Books.� There is a book for: Advent; Christmas; Lent: and Easter. In addition there is a children�s version. Fr. Gary recommended purchasing 400 of the books. After a discussion, the council voted to purchase 400 of the �Little Books�

per the request of Fr. Gary.

Hospitality/Community Life:

St. Ann reported that they had good attendance at the breakfast in honor of the Feast of St. Ann.

St. Ann has begun preparing for their annual Duck Booya. Anyone wishing to assist will be warmly welcomed.

There is a severe server shortage at both churches. The same two servers are at Mass each week at St. Ann. A significant conversation occurred regarding the problem. Mandatory service for St. Andrew students who are Catholic was discussed. Senior

servers were discussed. A need for a server trainer was identified. Jordan Landewee was asked to take charge and contact a couple of other previous servers to determine if server training can be initiated.


Nothing new to report.

Physical Facilities:

The �bubble� on the wall in church was discussed. It is moisture in the subsurface of the wall which must dry before the problem can be corrected. It is linked to the roof problems.

St. Ann reports that the repairs on the steeple have been completed and a new awning has been installed. There is a need for new windows (not stained glass) and parishioners are being asked to buy a window.

Old Business

Deacon Don inquired what was done at St. Ann that should be incorporated in the RCIA program. Fr. Gary suggested speaking with Jessica.

Bill Schwartz reported that the parish has signed up with ParishSoft to manage online giving. It has yet to start as the web page lin needs to be developed.

Bill Schwartz reported that the pendants for Lectors have been received. Lector training will be scheduled shortly. Subsequent to the training Lectors will begin wearing the pendants.

Due to the annual Duck Booya event Mass on October 5 will be held at 2:30 at St. Ann. There will be 5:30 Saturday Mass at St. Andrew but no 8:00 a.m. at St. Ann on Sunday.

Fr. Gary is working to determine the schedule for Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is dependent on whether Fr. Jim will be in Murphysboro for Christmas.

The next Pastoral Council meeting is scheduled for September 19th, at 6 p.m.

Bill Schwartz made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:12 and Rebecca Korando

seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Closing prayer was led by Fr. Gary.

Respectfully submitted by Bill Schwartz substituting for Linda Bunselmeyer