St. Andrew, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth Pastoral Council Meeting

February 16, 2017

Present: Father Gary, Linda Kranawetter, Rebecca Korando, Angelo Fiorino, Linda Porter-Smith, Mark Williams, Jessica Fritsche, Audrey Arnold

Absent:  Tim Lee, Frank Riley, Bill Schwartz, Don Sparling, Teresa Bastien, Ryan Povolish, Cindy Canning, Leslie Crabtree

Rebecca called the meeting to order and opened with prayer.

A few minor changes were made to the January minutes and they were approved.


Faith Formation � Jessica
Confirmation is scheduled for April 20, 2017 at 7pm at St. Bruno�s church in Pinckneyville. There will be a retreat for the candidates on Feb. 19th at St. Bruno�s.
First Communion is scheduled for April 30, 2017 at 1:30pm. There will be a workshop on April 1, 2017 at 9am.
First Reconciliation is scheduled for March 25, 2017 at 10am. There will be a workshop on March 18, 2017.
There will be a Pregnancy Matters Walk For Life on April 8, 2017. More details to follow. We need to start recruiting participants.

Social Ministry � No report

Community Life � Linda Kranawetter
We made $81 and had 49 attendees at the February movie, �To Joey With Love�. Linda K. has donated $204.50 from her profits of selling Lia Sophia jewelry. Linda P. will contact Channel 3 news to get the movies announced on their calendar, to be aired on the morning news show.

Liturgy & Worship  - Rebecca Korando
Sign up information for The Best Lent Ever. This year�s program features information from Matthew Kelly�s book, Resisting Happiness. There is a daily video, prayer and reflection. Sign up at: Spread the word on web site, facebook and word of mouth.

This year, there will be no simple suppers. There will be Stations of the Cross instead. The schedule is as follows:

Mar. 8th at St. Andrew
Mar. 15th at St. Ann
Mar. 22nd at St. Andrew
Mar. 29th at St. Ann
Apr. 5th at St. Andrew
All times are at 6:30pm

Still looking for a choir director. Keep spreading the word.

Hopefully, the St. Patrick�s Day town parade, which assembles in the church parking lot will not conflict with the First Reconciliation workshop on March 18th in the school cafeteria. Angelo Fiorino will be present at the parade and will try to accommodate everyone.

Fr. Gary handed out brochures for Formation for Lay Ministry in our Parishes. This is a two year program offered by the Diocese of Belleville. The goal of the program is for the renewal and rebuilding of Catholic life in our Parish Partnerships. This calls for increasing the number of well-trained Lay Ecclesial (Church) Ministers for service leadership and to assist pastors with their responsibilities. Four participants per parish are requested. The program begins in September and is held the third Saturday of the month through May for two years. Sessions will be held in Belleville, Marion or Mt. Vernon. We are to seek individuals who may be interested and have them contact Fr. Gary to start the paperwork. The cost for each participant is $150 per year.

Fr. Gary also gave a handout regarding parish revitalization. The Parish Success Group is holding quarterly workshops for pastors, school principals and lay persons to discover how to revive involvement in the church from its parishioners. Why are so many not coming to Mass? Why are so many not involved in the seasonal activities, workshops, Bible Study, retreats, etc�? Fr. Gary would like two more people to attend the next session in May with him and Jenny Martin. The cost is $700 per session for as many people as want to attend. We should try to find people who are interested and have them contact Fr. Gary. This will hopefully help our parish members to become more active in ministry and discipleship. The other two sessions will be held in August and November.

Maintenance � No report

Old Business

Restructuring of Pastoral Council
From January meeting: Bill handed out an example of name changes for committees and commissions, suggesting the following five main areas: Physical Facilities, Spiritual Evolvement, Communication, Liturgy and Organizations & Activities. Pastoral Council members should review and add or make changes and bring discussion to the next meeting.
Since Bill was absent at this meeting, we will table this until March.

Reminder to send any edits to Bill Schwartz on the annual report Letter to the Parishioners before the next meeting.

New Business

Sign-up for announcements at Mass � Rebecca
Mass Announcements Schedule by Pastoral Council Members for Feb/March

Date/Time:     Volunteer:                    Subject:
2/18 5:30        Rob Kippenbrock     Cursillo
2/19 8:00        Linda Kranawetter  Cursillo
2/19 11:00     Rob Kippenbrock     Cursillo
2/25 5:30        Cindy Canning           Youth Minister/Choir
2/26 8:00        Jessica Fritsche         Youth Minister/Choir
2/26 11:00     Rebecca Korando     Youth Minister/Choir
3/4 5:30           Angelo Fiorino           Movie
3/5 8:00           Linda Kranawetter  Movie
3/5 11:00        Angelo Fiorino            Movie
3/11 5:30        need volunteer           Movie
3/12 8:00        need volunteer           Movie
3/12 11:00     Angelo Fiorino            Movie

The next meeting will be held March 16, 2017 at 6pm.

Father Gary closed this meeting with prayer.

Linda Porter-Smith motioned to adjourn. Rebecca seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Linda Porter