St. Andrew, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth Pastoral Council Meeting

January 19, 2017

Present: Father Gary, Frank Riley, Linda Kranawetter, Rebecca Korando, Bill Schwartz, Angelo Fiorino, Don Sparling, Teresa Bastien, Linda Porter-Smith,

                   Ryan Povolish, Mark Williams, Jessica Fritsche, Cindy Canning, Audrey Arnold

Absent:  Tim Lee

Rebecca called the meeting to order.

Linda Porter-Smith opened with prayer.

Bill motioned to approve the December 2016 minutes. Frank seconded. Minutes were approved.

Faith Formation � Jessica

Confirmation is scheduled for April 20, 2017 at 7pm at St. Bruno�s church in Pickneyville.

There is a desire to hire someone as a youth leader for ministry and activities. Could we pay a small salary? Bill will put an announcement on the web site and a notice will be put in the bulletin.

Social Ministry � Bill

The 2017 calendar is on the web site. Let Bill know if any events need to be added. Need to put a notice in the bulletin, on our web site and on the Facebook page that parishioners may contact Bill if they have anything they want to add.

A suggestion was made to form a welcoming committee for new members to the parish. Bill and Angelo will pursue this.

Liturgy & Worship  

Thanks to Rebecca Korando, Di & Frank Riley for putting up the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Linda Porter-Smith made a suggestion to revive the practice of having parishioners bring up the offertory gifts rather than the Hospitality Ministers as a way to get people more involved in the Mass. Hospitality Ministers will randomly choose a family or a group of people to do this at each Mass.

Fr. Gary handed out the 2017 Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons and Weekdays to Rebecca Korando, Linda Kranawetter, Cindy Canning and Deacon Don. He would like to meet with them on February 2, 2017 at 6pm to plan the Lenten and Easter Masses.

Fr. Gary would like to hire a part-time Choir Director to have an official choir sing at some or all Masses. St. Ann and St. Elizabeth parishoners should be encouraged to join the choir. Bill will put an announcement for a choir director on the web site. Linda Porter-Smith will put an announcement on the Facebook page. Rebecca will put out a notice on REMIND.

Deacon Don reported that there were 28 attendees at the Bible Study program that was held in the Fall �Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible�. The new Bible study program, �A Biblical Walk Through the Mass� will begin January 24th. The same session will be repeated each week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm at Mary�s House.

There is a new group of altar servers being trained by Diane Trammel, Greta Ripperda and Delaney Langenstein.

Maintenance � Frank

We need $40,000+ for a new roof on the church. The current roof is only 15 years old but we should look for a roofer who would do a 30 year guarantee. We are getting a bid for the roof and steeple from Baine Roofing.

The burned house to the west of the school has been torn down. Clean up of the property will begin soon and gravel added for a parking lot. A deal has been worked out with the bank in Mt. Vernon that owns the lot and it will become St. Andrew property by March 15th or so.

Fr. Gary reported that some strong winds blew off some pieces of siding around the bell tower at St. Ann�s.

There was discussion of preparing all of the property in Ava to sell. The church, the rectory and the lots. The buildings have been pressure washed. The money from the sale would be used to do repairs at St. Ann�s in Raddle, such as replacing the siding. Ryan will check with Smartside Siding as we should be able to get a 30 year warranty with them.

Linda Kranawetter suggested we ask the bishop to merge St. Elizabeth�s with St. Ann�s not St. Andrew�s.

Community Life � Linda Kranawetter

The movie at the Liberty Theater for February will be �To Joey With Love� on February 9th and 12th. The movie for March will be �The Grace Card�. The movie for April will be �Risen�. Since beginning the movies, we have shown 12 movies, 468 people have attended, we have grossed $3,849 and netted $992. With the February movie, we will drop the second showing on Sundays, as attendance has been very poor on those.

We would like to do a survey to the parishioners asking what days/time for movies are best for them and if they have any recommendations for titles.

Year of Mercy � The mercy board that was put up at St. Ann�s didn�t get any activity.

Cursillo was discussed. It was agreed that this should now be listed under the commission of Social Ministry instead of Community Life. Linda Kranawetter is on the Cursillo team. Again, each Pastoral Council member should consider attending the upcoming Cursillo. Applications were handed out.

Old Business

Restructuring of Pastoral Council

 Bill handed out an example of name changes for committees and commissions, suggesting the following five main areas: Physical Facilities, Spiritual Evolvement, Communication, Liturgy and Organizations & Activities. Pastoral Council members should review and add or make changes and bring discussion to the next meeting.

New Business

Sign-up for announcements at Mass � Rebecca

A schedule of items to be announced at the start of Mass was made for the remaining weeks in January and the first few weeks in February. * We will continue scheduling these type of announcements at most Masses so that parishioners may be informed of upcoming events and activities.

Bill handed out a draft letter of Pastoral Council activities that were accomplished in 2016. Everyone should read it and send any additions or changes to Bill through email.

The next meeting will be February 16, 2017 at 6pm. Teresa will open with prayer. Father Gary closed this meeting with prayer. Linda Porter-Smith motioned to adjourn. Jessica seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:27pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Linda Porter-Smith