St. Andrew, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth Pastoral Council Meeting

June 15, 2017

Present: Fr Gary, Bill Schwartz, Angelo Fiorino, Cindy Canning, Theresa Bastien, Linda Bunselmeyer, Jennifer Craig, Rebecca Korando, Frank Riley, Linda Kranawetter�

Absent: Kevin Junk, Jessica Fritsche, Don Sparling, Ryan Povolish, Linda Porter-Smith, Mark Williams, Audrey Arnold, Leslie Crabtree, Jenny Martin

Rebecca called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. and she opened with a prayer.

The minutes from the May meeting were not yet available and can be approved at the next meeting.

Old Business:
Communication Report Bill Schwartz explained that the website for St. Andrew has changed to and he will have Cindy Thompson make changes/announcements in the bulletin. Bill is working on a public service announcement list

Hospitality Report:

Bill Schwartz reported that the Welcoming Committee had a meeting and they have a list of new people that have registered at St. Andrew in the last year or have been a part of RCIA in the last two years. The committee plans to contact them. The committee includes Mike and Jan Koberstein, Joni Beth Bailey, Angelo and Jan Fiorino, Garrett and Sheri Cook, and Bill and Sandy Schwartz.

Physical Facilities:

Bill Schwartz reported for Ryan Povolish, stating that he is working on a bid to roof the steeple on the church.

Spiritual Evolvement:

Rebecca Korando reported that the Women's Book Club is going well this Summer. Bill Schwartz reported that the Bible Study is going well with approximately 15 members. Fr. Gary reported that Rich Curran is contracted by our diocese to provide a ministry and program to invigorate parishes and bring back past members. There was a discussion about a possible mission for our partnership churches, Linda Kranawetter will email him to find out what dates are available and the fees for an event.

New Business:
Election of Parish Council Officers was completed. Officers for the upcoming year are President: Rebecca Korando, Vice President: Cindy Canning, Secretary: Linda Bunselmeyer.

Fr. Gary will be out of town the weekends of June 24th/25th and July 1st/2nd, and Fr. Jim Chambers will be celebrating Mass. Linda Bunselmeyer will contact him the Thursday prior to the weekends and ask if he needs anything.

There will be no Mass on July 23 at Raddle. Instead, there will a closing Mass at Ava at 8:00 am. Religious items will be taken out of the church this Summer. There was discussion about removing the stained glass windows from the church and possibly using them elsewhere.

Fr. Gary discussed an article from the National Catholic Register about the sacraments.

The next meeting will be July 20 at 6:00 pm. Cindy Canning will take notes for the meeting. Theresa Bastien will open with prayer. There will be a focus on Committee reports.

Linda Bunselmeyer motioned to adjourn the meeting. Rebecca Korando seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer