St. Andrew, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth Pastoral Council Meeting

March 23, 2017


Present: Father Gary, Linda Kranawetter, Rebecca Korando, Angelo Fiorino, Linda Porter-Smith, Jessica Fritsche, Frank Riley, Bill Schwartz, Don Sparling, Leslie Crabtree, Cindy Canning, Ryan Povolish

Absent:  Tim Lee, Teresa Bastien, Mark Williams, Audrey Arnold

Special Guests: Kelly Crabtree, Jenny Martin

Rebecca called the meeting to order and Father Gary opened with prayer.

One minor change was made to the February minutes and they were approved.

Guest Kelly Crabtree reported that 2018 will be the 150th anniversary of St. Andrew Parish. The very first Mass was held at the corner of 10th and Locust St. in Murphysboro on May 29, 1868. Several events are being considered throughout the year for celebration. One suggestion is to have a procession from the 10th and Locust St. location to St. Andrew�s for Mass to kick off the year. Other ideas include a special mission, a parish picnic, inviting several past priests of St. Andrew�s, Bishop Braxton and nuns. There may also be a beard contest. An updated pamphlet is in the works to include the last 50 years of St. Andrew�s. People to contact at this point include Tom Kuepferer, Gay Youngman and Debbie Glodo. More details to follow.

Kelly Crabtree also reported on the upcoming fundraiser for Tim Lee. Tim is a member of St. Andrew Parish who has kidney disease and is waiting for a transplant. The fundraiser is April 29, 2017 at the KC Hall from 4-8pm. Tickets are $10 for a pasta dinner for adults, $5 for children under age 12. There will be live entertainment and a silent auction. The KCs are hoping to raise between $6,000 and $10,000.


Faith Formation

Jessica Fritsche � Her PSR students will paint banners for the Kairos ministry.

Leslie Crabtree � The confirmation kids have joined the PSR class and are committed to helping with Bible School this year. The confirmation retreat went very well. Again, First Reconciliation is scheduled for March 25, 2017 at St. Andrew, Confirmation is April 20, 2017 at St. Bruno�s in Pinckneyville and First Communion is April 30, 2017 at St. Andrew.

Social MinistryBill Schwartz

Minutes from the Pastoral Council meetings are now on the web site beginning with the January 2017 minutes. The Groups & Organizations section now has an explanation of who the groups are and what they do.

Community Life

Linda Kranawetter - The movie for April will be Risen, to be shown on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 2pm at The Historic Liberty Theater.

Linda K. asked Bill Schwartz and Linda Porter-Smith if they would like to report on their Cursillo experience. Both agreed it was a very enlightening and spiritual experience and encouraged others to participate next year if possible.

Frank Riley - Frank reported on the Kairos Prison Ministry. They will be going again April 27th-30th. He gave a handout with suggestions for others to help in various ways such as donating cookies, money or participating in an online prayer vigil.

Liturgy & Worship

Rebecca Korando - Elaine Groninger has agreed to be our choir director! We are still seeking members. Practice for Holy Week and Easter Sunday will begin very soon.

Deacon Don � Adult Faith Formation/There was one candidate for the Rite of Election but they are waiting for their marriage annulment before receiving the sacraments.

We are looking for the next Bible Study program. Most who are interested have expressed interest in A Bible Timeline, a 24 session study. Details to follow soon.


Regarding parish revitalization � School Principal Jenny Martin, along with Father Gary handed out a Chart of Intentional Ministry for all council members to fill out to get an idea of what areas we have that are active or need improvement. Categories include Advocacy, Catechesis, Community Life, Evangelization, Social Justice, Leadership, Pastoral Care and Prayer & Worship. There will be a workshop with Rick Curran to help us get started on a plan for our long-term ministries and outreach programs.


Father Gary handed out sample designs of a t-shirt for our parishes. �Disciple In Training� is the theme with St. Andrew and St. Ann Parish names on them. A design was chosen by the council and Silkworm, Inc. will print a few samples for us to show to parishioners, then we will start ordering.


Maintenance Frank Riley

*Taken from the Feb. 22nd minutes of the Financial Advisory Council

Church Roof: Replacement of the roof should start in a month or so. So far, there are no bids on replacing shingles on the steeple. More shingles have blown off and it was suggested to contact Bill Johnson, Director of Facilities and Risk Management for the Diocese and see if insurance would pay for some of the cost of the new roof.

Upstairs church A/C: It was reported that several times during the summer, the system leaked to the downstairs. A new drain pan was placed under the unit to stop the problem.

Rectory Boiler: The unit had to be replaced. It was replaced with a 95% efficiency unit. The cost of the boiler will be paid through the Cornerstone account. No labor fee.

Church Water Leak: An outside water leak between the church and school has been fixed.

Yellow house property: Still in the process of being donated to the church.

School Building Project: After the Mega Raffle, there should be half the money needed to start the process of building the front addition. Plans have been given to Fager-McGee and Samron. A plan is to start construction before school is out in order for parishioners and parents to see that progress is starting.

Lawn Maintenance: No contract has been signed at this time.

Organ Replacement: Kelly talked to Larry Dunn about the organ and he tried to find a church interested in having the organ but there was no interest due to the fact of no one being able to play the organ. Charles McCann suggested we put the organ as well as the organs from St. Ann and St. Elizabeth on eBay to see if we can sell them there. Charles volunteered to take care of this. Storing is not an option. A decision was made to purchase a keyboard to replace the existing organ using Cornerstone Funds.


Restructuring of Pastoral Council

From January meeting: Bill handed out an example of name changes for committees and commissions, suggesting the following five main areas: Physical Facilities, Spiritual Evolvement, Communication, Liturgy and Organizations & Activities. Pastoral Council members should review and add or make changes and bring discussion to the next meeting.

We will assign specific council members to these committees at the April meeting.


Pastoral Council elections are coming up next month. Cindy Canning and Angelo Fiorino�s terms will be up. We also still have two empty seats, so we need a total of four new members for St. Andrew. We also need three members from St. Ann/St. Elizabeth. There will be an announcement in the bulletin, but we should all start asking around to find parishioners who would be interested in serving.

The KC�s want to know if they can sell single stem roses at the Masses on Mother�s Day weekend. Motion by Cindy Canning, second by Bill Schwartz. All in favor. Motion approved.

Linda Porter-Smith mentioned perhaps we could hand out a Mother�s Day and Father�s Day prayer card on those days. Linda will pursue this.

Clean up days: Outside of church � April 1, 2017. Inside of church � April 8, 2017. Both are from 8am to 3pm. Please encourage parishioners to come and lend a helping hand.

Bill Schwartz would like to see a formal thank you to Cindy Thompson in the bulletin for the implementation of the online Liturgical Schedule. It is easy to use, and working very well. All agreed.


Sign-up for announcements at Mass � Rebecca

Mass Announcements Schedule by Pastoral Council Members for March/April

Date/Time:              Volunteer:                                     Subject:
3/25 5:30                  Rebecca Korando                  Pastoral Council Elections

3/26 8:00                  Jessican Fritsche                   Pastoral Council Elections

3/26 11:00               Linda Porter-Smith              Pastoral Council Elections

4/1 5:30                     Angelo Fiorino                          March movie

4/2 8:00                     Audrey Arnold ?                       March movie
4/2 11:00                 Cindy Canning                           March movie
4/8 5:30                     Palm Sunday                                Nothing

4/9 8:00                  
/9 11:00                
4/15 5:30                  Easter Sunday                           Nothing

4/16 8:00

4/16 11:00              


The next meeting will be held April 19, 2017 at 6pm. Bill Schwartz will open with prayer.

Father Gary closed this meeting with prayer.

Linda Porter-Smith motioned to adjourn. Rebecca seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Linda Porter-Smith