Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting

 May 24, 2018

                   Fr. Gary,
                   Rebecca Korando,
                   Bill Schwartz,
                   Linda Kranawetter,
                   Garrett Cook,
                   Rob Kippenbrock,
                   Deacon Don Sparling,
                   Linda Porter-Smith,
                   Jennifer Craig,
                   Cindy Canning,
                   Kevin Junk,
                   Linda Bunselmeyer

Absent: Theresa Bastien, Ryan Povolish, Jenny Martin, Audrey Arnold, Jessica Fritsche, Angelo Fiorino, Theresa Madel, Mark Williams

Meeting opened at 6:05.

Opening prayer was led by Rebecca Korando.

New members to the Parish council were welcomed.

Notes from the April meeting were reviewed and were approved.

Committee Reports
Spiritual Evolvement:
Jennifer Craig reported that the 4:13 youth group met for the first time last week, and are planning several upcoming events.

Deacon Don reported on Adult spiritual evolvement and will be looking at a bible study beginning in June.

There are two candidates for RCIA for next year.

Rob Kippenbrock made suggestions for having a mission for our parish, and also to form faith sharing groups. Deacon Don and Linda Kranawetter reported on the discussions within the past year regarding ideas for a parish mission and the relationship our parish had with Rich Curran.

Community Life:
Rebecca Korando reported that the Parish Directory pictures have been taken, with approximately 175-200 pictures taken. Directories will be for sale and individual pictures will also be able to be ordered. Information will be available soon.

The movie �I Can Only Imagine� will be shown at the Liberty theater in Murphysboro on Thursday, June 7th at 7:00 pm, and on Sunday, June 10th at 1:00 pm.

Linda Porter-Smith reported that she would like to organize a field trip for interested parishioners, to attend a High Latin Mass at a St. Louis cathedral.

     Ministries Handbook - Linda Porter-Smith reported that the handbook is almost complete.  

     Anniversary Update - Bill reported on the 150th celebration of St. Andrew on May 21, 2018. The event went very well. The mayor spoke and gave a proclamation prior to Mass. The reception after the Mass was well attended. T-shirts and keepsakes are still available to commemorate the event.

Physical Facilities:
Rebecca Korando reported that flowers have been planted around the church.

New Business
Reorganization of the Board:
     President - Rebecca Korando�s term as president is ending. Cindy Canning was nominated to be president by Bill Schwartz, and Kevin Junk seconded the motion. There were no other nominations. Bill suggested that Cindy be elected by acclimation, and Deacon Don seconded it. Cindy Canning was elected president by one unanimous ballot.

     Vice President - Rebecca Korando was nominated to be Vice President by Bill Schwartz, and Cindy Canning seconded the motion. There were no other nominations. Rules were suspended, and one unanimous ballot indicated that Rebecca Korando be elected as vice-president.

     Secretary - Linda Bunselmeyer was nominated to continue as secretary by Rebecca Korando and seconded by Linda Porter-Smith. There were no other nominations, and Linda was elected by one unanimous ballot.

The following committees of the parish council were described. Each member of the parish council participates in at least one committee. Members that were absent will be added at the next meeting.
Spiritual Evolvement: encourages spiritual journey and faith formation. Includes interest groups, small groups, RCIA, Book club, 4:13, etc. Members include Jennifer Craig, Jessica Fritsche, Kevin Junk, Rob Kippenbrock, and Deacon Don.
Hospitality: encourages meeting and welcoming new people/families. Includes a Welcoming committee that is chaired by Bill Schwartz. Members include Bill Schwartz and Linda Porter Smith.
Communication: involves sharing information with parish members and community. Bill Schwartz manages the parish website; Linda Porter-Smith manages a facebook account; Rebecca Korando manages parish email and "Remind" text messages.
Physical Facilities: assists in management/communication for building and grounds. Members include Ryan Povolish and Rebecca Korando.
Community Life: plans and organizes social activities of the church and coordinates with Knights of Columbus. Members include Garrett Cook, Linda Kranawetter, Rebecca Korando, Linda Porter-Smith, and Linda Bunselmeyer.

Goals for upcoming year:
Goals of the parish council and parishes for the upcoming year were discussed. Ideas included the following:
* Organizing Small Groups within the church.
* Having a parish Mission (Deacon Don will contact the King�s House to see if the Beyer�s would be available for a

   mission prior to Lent), and this will be further discussed at the next meeting.
* Yard signs for parish members were suggested by Rebecca Korando, and she will contact Silkworm. Possible ideas

    for phrases (e.g., St. Andrew 150 Years, Come and See) were discussed.
* Fr. Gary suggested we start thinking about a theme for Lent next year. He suggested the council be proactive in

   preparing for upcoming seasons of the church.
* Online giving was discussed; this is continuing to be investigated as an option for our church.

At the next meeting, we will continue to discuss Committee roles and members.

Fr. Gary shared a post from a priest, asking God to journey with us.

Cindy Canning made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Linda Porter-Smith seconded the motion.  

Closing prayer was led by Fr. Gary.

The meeting ended at 7:21 pm.
The next parish council meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2018, at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer