Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on May 23, 2019

for St. Andrew/St. Ann Parishes


Present:  Fr. Gary, Linda Porter-Smith, Rebecca Korando, Bill Schwartz, Linda Kranawetter, Theresa Madel, Jennifer Craig, Mark Williams, Garrett Cook, Frank Riley, Nichole Smelter, and Linda Bunselmeyer

Absent: Deacon Don, Kevin Junk, Jessica Fritsche, and Tina Lustig

Excused: Cindy Canning, Rob Kippenbrock, Audrey Arnold, Jordan Landawee

Meeting opened at 6:03 pm.

Opening prayer was led by Linda Kranawetter.

Linda Porter-Smith led the meeting in the absence of Cindy Canning.

Minutes from April, 2019 meeting were reviewed. Bill made a motion to approve the minutes, and Linda Kranawetter seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Parish Council Contact Information was updated, and will be emailed to council members. See attached list. Linda Kranawetter reported that Jessica Fritsche would like to be removed from the parish council.

Committee Reports

Parish Council committee responsibilities were discussed. New members were encouraged to sign up for committees they are interested in. The first person listed on each committee will be responsible for communicating with the committee members each month and coordinate planning and events, and can provide a report at monthly parish council meetings. See attached list.

Spiritual Evolvement:

Linda Kranawetter reported than a Bible study will be held after masses at St. Ann starting June 2nd, continuing through the summer, to discuss the readings of the next Sunday�s mass. Jessica Fritsche will advertise in the bulletins, and Linda Porter-Smith advertised on Facebook.

Theresa Madel reported there were 16 kids that attended PSR at St. Ann this past year, including two people who were confirmed this year. Ten adults went through the RCIA process at St. Ann, and were welcomed into the church at Easter. A reception was held after mass on Easter Sunday.

New lectors and Eucharistic ministers will be trained soon at St. Ann. Korey Bunselmeyer will be training new servers at St. Ann. A liturgical training is being planned at St. Andrew for Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers in July, and then every 6-8 months or as needed. There were also suggestions that the Hospitality Ministers/Ushers at St. Andrew be included in trainings to discuss welcoming visitors at masses.

The 4:13 youth group will be going to Holiday World on June 11th, a St. Louis Cardinals game on July 16th, and attending mass at St. Alphonsus the Rock church on August 4th.

Linda Kranawetter reported that the �Breakthrough� movie may be scheduled soon at the Liberty Theater.

Rebecca suggested that St. Andrew Church pursue having screens put in church for displaying songs, prayers, announcements, etc. Pros and cons were discussed. Nichole will begin checking into prices for equipment. This will continue to be discussed in upcoming meetings.

Hospitality/Community Life:

Linda Porter-Smith reported that she has a list of new people that have joined the church within the past year and new members that have joined through RCIA. She would like to plan a welcoming event for them, and give them information about the church, events, the Parish Ministry book, etc. She will begin to gather information, and set a date for the event.

Garrett reported that the Knights of Columbus had a meeting at St. Ann this past week, and 25 men attended the meeting.



Fr. Gary suggested that we pursue having an electric sign on Walnut St. for information and advertising current events for the church and school. Bill will check into the cost of a sign. Frank will check with the city of Murphysboro about codes and requirements.

Rebecca reported that Ascension Press has a new 3-part program for evangelization, called �The 99.� Rebecca will forward information to council members as it becomes available, and will continue to discuss at upcoming meetings.

Physical Facilities:

Theresa reported that St. Ann is having the outside of the church painted and repaired, by parishioner Mike Hickey.

St. Ann Feast Day will be celebrated July 28th, with a breakfast after the 8:00 mass.

Old Business:

Linda Porter-Smith reported that the Ministry Fair at St. Andrew went well on May 5th. She will send a reminder email to have coordinators send an email to parishioners that signed up for each ministry.

New Business:

Nichole reported that St. Bruno recently received a large donation, and would consider donating toward a Catholic high school. She will give them names of parishioners from St. Andrew who have been interested in a regional high school. Fr. Gary shared information from previous studies, and she will give them that information.

Fr. Gary shared information about Bishop Gregory being installed as bishop of New York recently.

Bill Schwartz made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Linda Porter Smith seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Closing prayer was led by Fr. Gary.

The meeting ended at 7:00 p.m.

The next parish council meeting is scheduled for June 20th, at 6pm.


Respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer