Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on October 19, 2017

for St. Andrew/St. Ann Parish


Present:  Fr. Gary, Rebecca Korando, Bill Schwartz, Deacon Don Sparling, Linda Kranawetter, Ryan Povolish, Frank Riley, Jennifer Craig, Kevin Junk, and Linda Bunselmeyer

Absent: Angelo Fiorino, Audrey Arnold, Linda Porter Smith, Leslie Crabtree, Theresa Bastien, Cindy Canning, Linda Porter-Smith, Jessica Fritsche, Audrey Arnold, and Mark Williams

Meeting opened at 6:05.

Opening prayer was led by Fr. Gary, with a prayer to the Martyrs of North America whose feast day is this date, and for Camp Ondessonk, whose spiritual development was inspired by these martyrs and whose cabins are dedicated in their honor.

Frank Riley made a motion to approve the minutes from the July meeting, and Linda Kranawetter seconded. Minutes were approved.

Committee Reports

Community Life:

Linda Kranawetter reported that a s parish subscription for FORMED.org has been purchased and will be introduced to the parish as soon as possible. FORMED provides Catholic resources including movies, audio talks, and video-based study programs that can be utilized online, on a Smart TV, smart phone, etc.  

The movie, The Shack, was shown at The Liberty Theater last month. Movies have been suspended temporarily.

Bill Schwartz reported that Fr. Gary needs Eucharistic ministers, servers, lectors, etc. for funerals.  A suggestion was made to obtain a list of people who might be available, and they could be called when needed. It might be possible to request volunteers by emailing those on the list of current lectors and Eucharistic ministers. Bill will continue to work on this project.

Spiritual Evolvment:

Bill Schwartz reported that the Evolvement Committee had a meeting last week, with a focus on developing small groups within the parish. Small groups could address the interest and needs of parishioners relative to the mission of the church (living a Catholic life), while reinvigorating the parish. Resources on how to form small groups and how to lead small groups were found online at www.discipleshiptools.org, The group discussed identifying people who could take the initiative to lead groups, outlines for groups, sources for discussion, etc. Small groups of 5-8 could include people with similar interests, (e.g., parents with small children, single parents, men�s group, young singles, retired adults, etc.). As groups gain new members, they could split into two groups. After small groups get going, all of the small groups could meet together one time per month for larger group sharing and socialization.

Deacon Don reported that the Bible Study program is entering it�s last quarter and will be ending before Christmas. Another program will begin a few weeks after Christmas.

The Christmas Mass Schedule is as follows: Saturday/Sunday masses are at normal times, with Fr. Jim Chambers celebrating the Sunday mass at 11:00 a.m. at St. Andrew. Christmas Eve mass will be at St Ann�s at either 6 or 630 celebrated by Fr. Jim. Christmas Eve masses at St. Andrew will be at 5:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. celebrated by Fr. Gary, and on Christmas Day there will be a 9:00 mass at St. Andrew celebrated by Fr. Gary.

Bill Schwartz introduced the idea of having a written protocol for visiting priests. Bill and Rebecca will meet before the next meeting and draft a plan.

Fr. Gary will be gone the first weekend of November, and Rebecca will talk to Kelly Crabtree to see if he is available to meet the priest and open the church that weekend.

Linda Kranawetter reported about recent discussions with Rich Kearnes, the diocesan consultant for our parish mission. She and Cindy Canning are working on mapping the congregration. Fr. Gary reported that some of the suggestions that Rich has for the parish are already being discussed and planned by our parish. It was reported that communication has been difficult. Fr. Gary recommended that Parish Council members take a leadership role in working with Rich and in the planning/development of the parish.


Bill Schwartz reported that the Welcoming Committee has their next meeting on Monday, and they are developing packets to provide to new parishioners. They have a new parishioner they are reaching out to.   

Fr. Gary reported that Nicole Smelter (Whimsey Photography)  provided him information about a parish directory, and the committee agreed that a new directory for St. Andrew/St. Ann would be a good idea. Rebecca Korando will be happy to be in charge of that, with planning beginning in January, 2018. 


Bill Schwartz reported he has some updates for our website. Discussion was held about having Fr. Gary�s sermons placed on the parish website, either by videotape, audiotape, or transcription. Fr. Gary will consider this request.

Physical Facilities:

Fr. Gary and Frank Riley reported that the church steeple is not complete, but the roof on the church is complete. The school addition is ahead of schedule, and the office will move into the new addition over Christmas, and the classrooms will be rearranged in the school over the summer. There is a floating construction loan for the new addition, and LED lighting for the rest of the classrooms may be considered if not all of the money is used from the loan. The glass doors on the east side of the church might be changed. The new meeting space will be conducive for a variety of activities. There was a discussion about rearranging a few things in church.

New Business: 

Rebecca Korando presented a sample of a card that could be placed in church welcoming families with young children. Rebecca will print the cards and laminate them and put them in the pews.

On November 17th at 7:00 pm, there is a meeting scheduled in Belleville, with Bishop Braxton, for the parish partnership. Fr. Gary will be attending along with trustees from both parishes, the school principal, and a few members from the Pastoral Council, including Linda Kranawetter, Rebecca Korando, and Jennifer Craig.

The next parish council meeting is scheduled for November 16, 2017 at 6pm.

Closing prayer was led by Deacon Don. The meeting ended at 7:27 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer