Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on October 25, 2018

for St. Andrew/St. Ann Parish


Present:  Fr. Gary, Deacon Don, Cindy Canning, Rebecca Korando, Bill Schwartz, Linda Kranawetter, Mark Williams, Garrett Cook, Rob Kippenbrock, Linda Porter-Smith, Linda Bunselmeyer

Absent: Theresa Bastien, Ryan Povolish, Audrey Arnold, Jennifer Craig, Angelo Fiorino, Kevin Junk

Excused:  Theresa Madel, Jessica Fritsche

Meeting opened at 6:00.

Opening prayer was led by Deacon Don.

Minutes from the September meeting were reviewed. Deacon Don suggested the minutes reflect members that were present, absent, and/or excused. Rob seconded the motion, and all members were in favor. Bill made a motion that the minutes be approved, and Rebecca seconded the motion. All were in favor.  

Committee Reports

Spiritual Evolvement:

Deacon Don reported that RCIA is underway, with several participants.

Linda Kranawetter reported that the Book Club, studying the book of James, is going well.

Fellowship Weekends were discussed. It was suggested that refreshments would be provided after masses, on the third weekend of each month. Bill made a motion to initiate these weekends in November, hosted by various parish groups or school families. Linda Porter-Smith seconded the motion; all members voted in favor of the motion. Announcements will be made prior to the masses, inviting everyone to stay after mass for a few minutes for refreshments and to visit with other parishioners. Parish Council will host for the first two months.

On Nov. 18th, Linda Bunselmeyer and Rob Kippenbrock will coordinate after the 11:00 mass. Mark Williams will host at St. Ann after the 8:00 mass. There was no one available for the 530 mass on Nov. 17th.

On Dec. 15-16th, Rebecca Korando will host after the 530 mass, Linda Kranawetter will host after the 8:00 am mass, and Bill Schwartz will host after the 11:00 mass.  

For Jan. 19-20th - Cindy will ask Jenny Martin about having school families host the Fellowship Weekend.

Hospitality/Community Life

Deacon Don suggested the idea of having Block Captains at masses. Someone would be assigned to a certain block of pews at masses, and this person would get to know the people that typically sit in that area, and would reach out to people when they are absent, greet new people, etc. It was discussed that this could be part of the usher�s role. The discussion will continue at the next meeting, with more ideas about how to implement this idea. Don will come up with some concrete ideas.

There was discussion about having ushers ask people to bring up the gifts at masses. Linda Porter-Smith suggested it could be a liturgical ministry that was assigned to a family each week.

Rob asked about Stewardship Weekends. There could be opportunities to sign-up for various ministries, including being an usher, bringing up gifts, and being a block captain. Linda Porter Smith suggested hosting a ministry fair at one of the Fellowship Weekends.


On the website, Bill has all of the Parish Council and Finance Council minutes posted, and he has updated some other information. He reported that there were 2179 searches for St. Andrew on Google for the month of September.  

Cindy Canning will update masstimes.org with correct Mass times.

Physical Facilities:

Bill reported that on Monday, the roofing on the steeple at St. Andrew is scheduled to begin.  

Old Business:

Cindy reported that our parish has been approved to host a Dynamic Catholic event. Possible dates available include: Feb. 22/23, March 8/9, 22/23, 29/30, and April 26/27th. Cindy will check with Fr. Bob about availability of St. Francis church. The preferred dates are March 23 or 30th.

St. Andrew Feast Day: Deacon Don reported that he will plan the Feast Day celebration on November 30th. He will provide prayer, exposition of the Eucharist, and benediction, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Rebecca will contact an organist to provide music. Linda Porter-Smith volunteered to host refreshments. Deacon Don will put announcements in the bulletin.

Liturgy of the Hours will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays during Advent. However, on Dec. 23rd, the choir will be singing a Cantata instead. Rebecca will advertise in the bulletin. Deacon Don volunteered to lead prayers on one of the Sundays.

Fr. Gary reported that he is working out a plan for providing a monthly letter to parishioners, as a possible summary of his homilies.

Adoration hours: Linda Kranawetter is working on a plan to add additional opportunities for Adoration each week.

The Greatest Lie in Christianity: Books have been ordered from Dynamic Catholic, to provide to each school and parish family at Christmas. Parish Council members donated money for the books.

Cindy Canning reported that the Retreat with Sr. Barbara Jean is planned for Oct. 27. She is coordinating the event and refreshments. Cindy and Rebecca have been coordinating the advertising.


New Business:

Bill reported that the parish will be mailing a State of the Parish report after the beginning of the year, to all parishioners. Cindy Canning will submit a report from the Pastoral Council.

Cindy suggested a monthly report from the school be provided to the Parish Council. She will contact Jenny Martin to coordinate this, and possibly invite a teacher to attend meetings.

Deacon Don requested information from the Finance Council. Bill gave an update from the last Finance Council meeting.

Cindy read a letter that will be sent to parish council members that have been absent and are not able to participate at this time. Cindy will check with members to see if they would like to continue on the council. Expectations for participation will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Garrett invited everyone to attend a seminar, hosted by Fr. Nick Junker, Vocation Director, on Nov. 3, from 830-300 at the Pastoral Center in Belleville.

On Tuesday, the Knights of Columbus are hosting the annual Pro Life dinner at 5:00. Tickets are for sale, and are available at the door. Fr. Bob is the speaker.


Bill made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Rebecca seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Closing prayer was led by Fr. Gary.

The meeting ended at 7:23.

The next parish council meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2018, at 6pm.


Respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer