Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting on September 20, 2018

for St. Andrew/St. Ann Parish


Present:  Cindy Canning, Rebecca Korando, Linda Bunselmeyer, Mark Williams, Jennifer Craig, Fr. Gary, Bill Schwartz, Rob Kippenbrock, Audrey Arnold, Linda Kranawetter, and Theresa Madel

Absent: Deacon Don, Teresa Bastien, Ryan Povolish, Angelo Fiorino, Kevin Junk, Garrett Cook, Linda Porter-Smith, and Jessica Fritsche

Meeting opened at 6:07 p.m. following cake and ice cream to celebrate Fr. Gary�s birthday.

Opening prayer was led by Cindy Canning.

The minutes from the August, 2018 meeting were reviewed. One correction was made: Hospitality at St. Ann�s on August 26th, 2018 was provided after the 8:00 mass by Linda Kranawetter and Theresa Madel. Linda Kranawetter made a motion to approve the corrected minutes, which was seconded by Bill; all were in favor of approval.  

Committee Reports:

Spiritual Evolvement:

4:13 youth group: Cindy Canning reported that 22 kids attended the last meeting. They meet once a month, and also do one service project a month. They will be watching the movie �I Can Only Imagine� Friday night. They will be having a yard sale on Oct. 13th at St. Andrew to raise money for events.

PSR: St. Andrew has 13-15 kids enrolled for pre-K through 7th, and 7 students enrolled in Confirmation. St. Ann has 7 pre-K students enrolled, and 16 students from K through Confirmation age enrolled.

RCIA: St. Andrew RCIA has 3 enrolled; with a get-to-know-you session this Sunday, and classes each Sunday after that.  St. Ann�s has 8 enrolled; the first session has already started.



Fellowship and refreshments after masses were provided on August 25th and 26th. There were 6-8 in attendance Saturday night, 53 after the Sunday 8:00 mass, and 30-40 after the Sunday 11:00 mass. Scheduling more dates for �coffee and donuts� will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Community Life:

Parish Directories will be available to order after masses this Sunday, and individual pictures can also be ordered.


No report.

Physical Facilities: 

Work is in progress on the church steeple at St. Andrew.

Speakers in the St. Andrew Church annex were discussed; Rebecca will follow up with Kelly Crabtree.

Bill reported that several area churches have security officers available during masses. He proposed a 3 person committee to see who is available within our church, and to develop a security plan if a situation occurs. Bill Schwartz, Rebecca Korando, and Jennifer Craig volunteered to be on the committee.

Old Business:

The speaker for a parish retreat on Oct. 27th will be Sr. Barbara Jean Franklin. The theme is �more than church.� Times will be established and will be advertised. The retreat will be held at St. Andrew and may be followed with Mass. Rebecca will coordinate communication of the event. Hospitality and logistics will be coordinated by Cindy Canning, with Theresa Madel and Linda Bunselmeyer assisting.

Cindy presented information from Dynamic Catholic about hosting an event next spring. Linda Bunselmeyer provided information about the event at St. Vincent�s in Cape that was held on September 15th. Cindy Canning offered to complete the application and to be the Event Chair. Co-hosting parishes could be St. Ann, St. Francis, Sacred Heart, St. Bruno, OLMC, St. Joseph in Willisville, Newman Center, St. Joseph in Marion, St. Mary in Anna, and St. Joseph in Cobden. There was a suggestion to offer scholarships for students from SIU to attend. Bill made a motion to proceed with the application for St. Andrew to become a host parish; Rebecca seconded the motion, and all members were in favor of the motion.

A letter to Bishop Braxton regarding the recent sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church is being prepared by Theresa Madel and Patty Williams. The letter from St. Andrew and St. Ann will express our desire for transparency and describe some things we are doing as a parish, such as encouraging parishioners to write letters, sponsoring a Wear Gray and Pray weekend, encouraging parishioners to wear gray ribbons and to participate in adoration, fasting, praying the rosary, etc. A final draft will be reviewed by Fr. Gary, and then will be reviewed by the parish council. It will be read before masses in an upcoming weekend, and parishioners can sign the letter. The letter will also be sent to Cardinal Denardo (President of the Catholic Bishops) before November�s Council of Catholic Bishops. In January, the letter will be sent to Pope Francis and the apostolic nuncio in Washington, D.C., (the ambassador from the US to the Vatican) prior to the pope�s February meeting with the bishops. Fr. Gary suggested that all members read the recent letters from Pope Francis and Bishop Braxton. Prior to February, our parishes will plan a day of fasting or adoration or praying the rosary. The Wear Gray and Pray initiative was held in our parishes on Sept. 15-16th.

The feast of St. Andrew will be celebrated on the evening of Friday, November 30th.. Cindy Canning reported that Deacon Don suggested we have prayer and benediction followed by wine and cheese in the Annex. It was recommended that Deacon Don plan the event and determine the starting time.

Fr. Gary presented the Liturgy of the Hours, as an example of something that could be used during Advent at St. Andrew each Sunday. He suggested prayers at 3 pm, including psalms that could be sung or recited. He suggested looking at the Ibreviary or Laudate apps to review all of the prayers. Fr. Gary suggested we have common prayers on a handout, have two psalms from the songbook to sing, and to sing the Magnificat. Rebecca will lead the committee of Cindy and Jennifer, to work out logistics, advertising, communication, and prayers. Fr. Gary will lead the first week, and others could lead the following weeks, including Deacon Don and Bill Schwartz. The choir could sing the Cantata prior to or following one of the afternoon prayers.

The book, �The Greatest Lie in the History of Christianity,� by Matthew Kelly will be purchased by the parish council, from Dynamic Catholic, and given to families at the Christmas masses. Linda Bunselmeyer will order 325 books for St. Andrew and St. Ann parishes. She will contact Jenny Martin, St. Andrew School principal, to see if she would like additional books purchased for school families.

Theresa Madel reported that a committee is working on organizing small groups within the church, and are presently discussing running groups starting in January with a variety of topics picked for the groups. Their length will depend on the topic, book, or lesson used. Groups would be offered again in the fall. Small groups could include some of the already established groups, book clubs, bible studies, etc.

Bill Schwartz reported that there has been interest in videotaping Fr. Gary�s homilies, and having them available on the parish website. Bill reported that taping homilies is not recommended. Fr. Gary indicated that he may write a letter once a month and put it in the bulletin and post it on our website.

Bill reported that he has drafted a letter to give to parish council members who are unable to participate at this time. Suggestions were made, and Bill will re-draft the letter and he will present it again at the next meeting.

Fr. Gary commended the council for the work they are doing, and reported he is very pleased.

Fr. Gary handed out a short story, Revelation, from �Everything that Rises Must Converge,� by Flannery O�Connor. Fr. Gary reported it is a powerful story about conversion and forgiveness, and encouraged everyone to read and reflect on it.


New Business:

Linda Kranawetter suggested additional Adoration hours at the hospital chapel. Fr. Gary reported that he would approve increasing the days if there are people to assist. Suggestions included Adoration from 5-6pm on a weekday evening, and for Adoration to pray for a specific topic (e.g., vocations, victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse, etc.). She encouraged everyone to think about it, and it will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Fr. Gary has instituted a new policy that all meetings should be limited to 1� hours.

Bill made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mark seconded the motion.

Closing prayer was led by Fr. Gary.

The meeting ended at 7:31 p.m.

The next parish council meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2018, at 6pm. November 15th will be the date for the November meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Bunselmeyer